Assignment One – Tutor Report

I’ve now had my Tutor Report for Assignment One from, Simon Manfield. It feels like a good balance of encouragement and practical advice to help me continue my learning journey.

The following are rough notes for myself to help me stay focused and make the most of the feedback:

  • Think about the context of a still life arrangement – support and background – don’t leaving the object floating.
  • Be a little cautious when using mixed media, e.g. the strong metallic sheen of graphite with more subtle inks doesn’t quite work. (Mixed media is great, but some combinations work better than others.)
  • Be sparing with the outlining of objects as it can flatten the object, no matter how well they have been described. Don’t worry about leaving undefined edges, especially where light touches the subject.
  • Remember that the closer to an object, the darker the shadow appears, particularly where it touches the object and that when a shadow is cast upon a surface it is transparent so you can just see the texture or grain. Use lines that describe the horizontal surface rather than follow the shape of the object. Don’t outline the shadow, just fill it in with the chosen marks.
  • Remember to stand back from my work regularly…
  • Find out about aquatint etching.
  • Find about about Spanish artist Antonio López Garcia (a source of stimulus for my tutor).
  • Get out and about to more exhibitions / workshops and draw at every opportunity.
  • Assignment Two is due 20th December 2013. Let my tutor know whether wish to have work put forward for assessment.
  • And finally, enjoy, have fun and carry on experimenting and remember you learn from what doesn’t work well just as  much – if not even more – than from what does work.

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