Exercise: Still life group using line


After all that time and effort spent drawing boxes in Part 1 I should  be shot for getting the perspective so wrong on the board. I had my head too full of cabbage to notice what I was doing and when the black pen line went down, that was it!

Earlier experiment with apples, pears and cherries

Earlier experiment with apples, pears and cherries

I experimented with quite a variety of items including apples and pears initially but decided that these would not readily lend themselves to a line drawing so I created a new arrangement with items that had more detail and texture. I  chose mostly round objects and used a long chilli pepper (which looks like a weird worm has invaded my picture)  to pull the different parts of the composition together.

I used a drawing pen except for the areas of shadow on the board which are graphite pencil. I may have overworked the cabbage a bit… it’s character could be portrayed with much simpler lines (more like the simple cabbage leaf line drawing I did earlier). I tried to use different drawing techniques on each of the objects to indicate their characteristics.

While I included the board so that the still life is not floating in mid air, I haven’t added a background. I did think about it and considered doing some sort of representation of the brick wall behind, perhaps in light pencil so that it didn’t overwhelm but in the end I couldn’t bring myself to do it…

I believe I’ve made reasonable use of the chosen medium (drawing pen) although I did find myself wishing that I had a slightly thicker marker pen so that I could highlight some lines more, particularly in the busier areas of the image. Instead, I went over some lines several times.

In terms of composition a little more white space at the top would be an improvement. I did sketch out the arrangement on a separate piece of paper beforehand to work out where they should be positioned but, even so, I got a bit carried away with drawing the cabbage.

Strange but A3 now feels like a very small piece of paper and I would have preferred to work on A2. That’s interesting because the prospect of having to fill an A2 page for Assignment One filled me with horror!


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