Exercise: Still life group in tone


Three gourds from the local farm shop and what lovely shapes and colours they are – especially the ‘sweetheart’ one on the right.

three-gourds-plateI’ve been doing my best to avoid using coloured pencils but having been forced into it I find I’m surprised how pleasant they are to work with. I like the way colours can be blended and depth of tone that can be achieved. It’s also possible to capture detail.

(I’m updating this following feedback from my tutor on Assignment One to note that not putting in hard outline around the objects enables the shapes and patterns to speak for themselves more. Also, the shadows could be darker where they touch the objects and the lines might be better if they followed the horizontal plane of the dish rather than the shape of the objects.)

Again, I chickened out on putting in a background – but at least we do have a dish for the gourds to sit in. Seems like backgrounds are my next issue to tackle and get over…

I did this picture in a couple of hours – that’s fast for me – and I’m pleased with the quiet simplicity of it. Until recently I’d have had to sit chewing the pencils for at least an hour before being able to get started…


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