Check and log: Still life

What aspects of each drawing have been successful and what did you have problems with?

Line drawing

  • Reasonably nice composition if a bit cramped on the paper.
  • I over complicated the cabbage and could have simplified this and used more white space, which is an essential part of a line drawing.
  • The perspective on the chopping board is so far out that it almost looks like it is deliberate!
  • A bolder drawing pen or marker would have been useful to highlight some key lines.

Tone drawing

  • A simple but reasonably successful composition using lovely colourful gourds with nice patterning.
  • Again a little bit tight on the paper (I should start using A2 instead of A3)
  • Should really have had a background especially as the image doesn’t full fill the page but I was uncertain what would work and scared to spoil the picture.

Did you manage to get a sense of depth in your drawings? What elements of the drawings and still life groupings helped to create that sense?

Since completing Part 1 I’ve been very conscious of light and shade and tried to depict this to help to give a sense of depth and form. In the line drawing I used very light cross hatching to show darker areas and included cast shadows in graphite pencil. For the tone picture I added cast shadows, tried to retain areas of reflected light and shaded some areas using a dark blue pencil. All in all, I think I’ve achieved a reasonable sense of depth.

What difficulties were created by being restricted to line or tone?

Workiing with line alone it is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to represent reflected light. Tone can be achieved with some cross hatching but there’s a risk of spoiling the appeal and impact of the simple lines themselves.

In the tone drawing, it was tempting to put a line around the outline shapes and I had to work hard to increase the depth of tone in places so that the objects had a reasonably sharp outline.


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