Exercise: Line drawing detail


I drew a cabbage leaf with a drawing pen as a continuous line drawing. I just focused on the outline and the main contour lines. I enjoyed the fact that this simplified drawing reveals the tree inside the cabbage leaf. This fitted reasonably well on the paper and, to me, gives a pleasing outline and image.

I really liked the idea of the tree inside the cabbage leaf and this got me thinking about how similar shapes appear in nature in different contexts. I thought about the idea of drawing a cabbage leaf forest and had a go… with some brief preliminary work first to look at the composition, how I would arrange the cabbage leaves and the drawing techniques.

Sometimes you can't see the forest for the cabbages...

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the cabbages…

I used some of the techniques practised in the earlier exercise – oil pastels with ink; lines for the background etc which  have helped to give some texture. I kept the whole thing simple and fairly flat in order to capture the tree / cabbage illusion which the original drawing inspired. Lots of fun and a learning experience too.

Using white oil pastel on the tree trunks has made them stand out vividly in low light. I noticed this on my way to bed and took a spooky photo.



Prelim sketches playing with composition and background ideas


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