Exercise: Exploring coloured media

coloured-1Licence to play… I experimented with:

  • Blending Conte crayons rubbing and cross hatching.
  • Using Conte crayons and oil pastels together (this created lovely texutres)
  • Scrapping (graffito) into layered oil pastels
  • Ink – applied with a brush, bamboo pen, kitchen towel and as blotted drops
  • Oil pastel and ink wash
  • Conte crayon and ink wash
  • Gel pens and drawing pens with lines, stippels and dashes and washes over.
  • Water colour pencil and graphite, with and without wash over.
  • coloured3 coloured-2

Lot’s that is potentially useful here, particularly the combination of oil pastels and Conte crayon, water colour pencils and graphite and oil pastel and ink wash.


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