Exercise: Enlarging a simple flat image

enlarge-2I can see that  this could be a very useful technique to use to enlarge designs for things such as theatre sets as of course you can scale up, to whatever size is needed.

I have not yet made my acetate grid as I need to get the supplies in but I will do so as I can see the value in using this to overlay on a picture you wish to enlarge, and also as a viewfinder to check equivalent distances, angles, etc.

Check and log

How successful were you in copying the lines from the smaller squares to the larger?

Reasonably successful. I had to resist the temptation (at least for the purposes of this exercise) to improve the original drawing as I worked. It felt strange drawing in this piecemeal, mechanical fashion, but it works.

Are you satisfied with your larger replica of the image? What would you do differently another time?

Yes, reasonably satisfied but I am aware that it is extremely important to make sure that the grid is perfectly drawn.  I drew the grid for the enlargement in ink pen so that I could rub out and adjust my image as I went without destroying my grid. This clearly wouldn’t be a great idea if this was a ‘real’ project!


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