Exercise: Experimenting with texture | Frottage

I have frottaged indoors and frottaged outdoors and had a great time experimenting. I found I could build up complete pictures and that overlapping different textures was effective. Mostly I used oil pastel but watercolour pencil worked very well too and gave a more detailed, finer finish. I used thin cartridge paper but to my surprise, I found the technique also worked on much heavier, better quality paper.

frottage-4Frottage 1: Top layer down: Carved table top, oil pastel with ink wash over. Carved table top, clear wax candle and ink wash. Indoor wall beam with oil pastel and ink wash. Wood log with oil pastel and ink wash.






Frottage 2: Old glass bottles. Oil pastel and watercolour pencil.






Frottage 3: Two overlapping, highly embossed ceramic tiles. Oil pastel.







Frottage 4: Oil tank ‘capacity’ message, house wall, wooden garden table, top of radiator. Oil pastel.





Frottage 5: As above with ink wash.


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