Exercise: Experimenting with Texture | A range of surfaces with different textures

texture-1 1. Dish cloth – this was matt and with a very tangled mesh and a difficult choice to start with as I wasn’t warmed up. Pencil and drawing pen.

2. Section of knitted flower brooch – Pen and water colour pencils. Soft and wispy, matt; absorbs the light.

3. Soft furry brooch – fibres going in all directions, like wild grass, very delicate. Drawing pen and pencil.

4. Orange peel – some reflected light. Surprising how many blotches and different shape indentations there are when you look closely. Conte crayon and watercolour pencil.

5. Edge of wicker basket – the shiny, smooth surface of wicker reflects some light. Pencil and watercolour pencil.

6. Inside of a dried husk – very matt surface but some shadow to play with. Pen, pencil and watercolour pencil.

7. Edge of a piece of slate. Shiny top surace reflecting light. Pencil, rubber and watercolour pencil.

8. Cone – Very matt and dark, absorbing the light. Only the lighter cone ends are really distinguishable. Acrylic ink, bamboo pen, water colour pencil.

9. Loose weave cloth – thin and fragile, uneven weave, some reflected light and shadow. Pencil and watercolour pencil with wash.

texture-210. Much weathered, gnarled tree root (3) – both textured and satin-like, reflecting light and absorbing it. Bamboo pen with Quink and ink wash.

11. Fluffy bunny (section of) – reflected light on the ends, shadow at the roots. Pencil and watercolour pencil.

12. Section of scarf – satin finish reflects the light, mesh area absorbs it.

13 Another go at the cone. Pen and coloured ink wash.

14. Back to the tree root. Oil pastels with areas scraped away using bamboo pen.

Useful exercise creating a nice resource to refer back to for later inspiration. I found that the use of some colour, albeit subtle, helps a lot when the surface is very matt and there is little reflected light or shadow to give definition.


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