Project: Still life – check and log

Do you think it is easier to suggest three dimensions on man-made or natural objects?

Man-made objects may have sharper  outlines creating clearer shadows that are perhaps sometimes easier to capture but overall I don’t feel that one or other is easier.  I believe it is drawing technique that captures a three dimensional feel – perspective, light and shadow all play a part – as does the way in which the objects are positioned and their relationships.

How did you create a sense of solidity in your composition?

Through the use of light and shadow and through clear, sharp outlines of shapes and use of contrast with the object and its background.

Do you think that changing the arrangement of your composition makes a difference to your approach and the way you create a sense of form?

Definitely. The whole nature of the picture changes depending on the arrangement. Some arrangements make better use of negative space and improve the picture through this (e.g. version one of the tagines). The way light and shadows fall changes a lot depending on the relationship of the objects (reflected light etc). Sometimes one arrangement simply feels better than another and now I can see why, whereas in the past I might have not fully understood why. I really like using the exploratory sketches because it encourages me to look at things in different ways and enables new discoveries.

How did you decide to position yourself in relation to the objects?

With the tagines I positioned myself in front of them, slightly looking down for pictures 1 & 2. Then I put them at a lower level and looked down on them from above (3). The different perspectives create dramatically different pictures.

With the chilli peppers I first positioned them in front of me on the table so I was looking slightly down at them. Then I raised them up onto a box and I found this gave me a slightly better viewpoint although the difference was very subtle in reality. An eye level view would have been completely different and perhaps I could have experimented with this.




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