Exercise: Drawing in the style of Patrick Caulfield

I gained a lot from this exercise in understanding negative space in particular. I also found the planning sketches really useful to experiment with composition and what to include or not include.  On the face of it, this might have looked like an easy exercise but it definitely wasn’t!

Glass bottle with space and light 

glass-bottle-caulfield-styleThis drawing is certainly highly influenced by Caulfield if not entirely in his style. Initially I had Caulfield’s White Ware screen prints in mind and was trying to place reflected light outside of the main objects. In the end I decided to enlarge the bottle to fill the space and put the reflected light inside what is actually a glass bottle.

workbook-glass-bottleI’m pleased that the negative space feels an integral part of the image. I used graphite pencil and drawing pen rather than coloured media as in my first attempt and I prefer the more subtle effect. I used stippling and hatching.

Lamp and steaming mug

mug-lamp-caulfield-styleIn all honesty I don’t this was successful in terms of negative space or use of reflected light but I did enjoy the process of exploration and the work on this contributed to my final picture. Again, I had ‘White Wares’ in mind but the square mug wasn’t an easy object to work with.

Drawing pen and water colour.



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