Check and log: Reflected light

What are the difficulties in separating cast shadow from reflected light and shade? 

They are difficult to discern at times but cast shadow will usually be stronger and be attached to the object. Sometimes the complexities of pattern from reflected light and shade can be difficult to figure out. The solution is to look, look again and keep looking as you work. Of course it is necessary to be aware that the light and shade patterns will change if the strength and direction of the light source alters.

The reflected shadow and light follows the contours of the objects. How have you shown this in your drawing?

I think my Glass Bottle drawing in the style of Patrick Caulfield does have reflected light and shade following contours, albeit in a an abstract sort of way. Also, I think elsewhere in this project I have done a reasonable job of depicting reflected shadow and light reasonably accurately.

The reflected shadows and light are more ‘diffuse’ than the cast shadow and create more intricate patterns. The only way to get it right as far as I can see is it develop observation skills and draw what you see, not what you think should be there. Having a single strong light source set up definitely helps.

I’ve gained a great deal from this project – it has addressed one of my weak points and helped me to understand why I’ve struggled and given me insight and practice in how to work with light and shadow.



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