Exercise: Tonal studies

hatching2I feel that I am beginning to get the hang of hatching. I can see that it is a really good way to build up different intensities of tone and also enables blending of one tonal area into another without harsh lines.

I found making judgments about the light difficult when drawing an item with a pattern (e.g. the apple and the box). The box in particular had colours with lots of gradients on the side facing the light and I struggled with this.

I used various combinations of pencil, graphite pencil, drawing pen and dipping ink.


The light is coming from a lamp on the left in each of the pictures except for the box where the light is from a window on the right. On the whole, I think these have achieved an illusion of three dimensions. The images that appear the most three-dimensional to my eye are the lemon (yes it was misshapen!) and the apple where I’ve used drawing pen, dipping ink and pencil which has achieved a strong contrast.

Looking at the apple now, I think it could do with more mid-tones.


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