Exercise: Observing shadow and light formations on a surface


Image one – graphite pencil

I had several attempts, on different evenings, at this exercise and I think my observation improved in the process. The more you look the more you see. I used light from a lamp on the left and there was also some light from a window on the right. I became aware of the complexity and subtlety of the different tones and the way the relationship between the objects causes different patterns of light and shade.

In picture one I used a graphite pencil. I made the mistake of drawing the two items separately and I was unhappy with the drawing  so I had another go.


Image two – 2H and 8B graphite pencils

In picture two I used two graphite pencils (2H and 8B) and this has captured more of the tonal differences but they aren’t blended well and the direction of the hatching lines doesn’t look right on the jug in particular.


Image 3: 6B HB and 3H pencils


In picture three I used pencils (6B, HB and 3H). I found it easier to reproduce the very light tones  – using three different grades of pencil helped. In this picture I’ve done a better job of merging the tonal areas. I also used vertical hatching on the jug and slightly rounded on the cup as this seemed to work better with the nature of the objects themselves although I’m not entirely sure about this (must study more drawings). I went back and cross hatched some areas to deepen shadows – but this is still a rather ghostly looking picture!

In all the images I failed to completely capture the rim of light around the top and my basic shapes are not 100% correct. I need to work on this kind of detail and draw more often !


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