Exercise: Supermarket shop

supermarket-shopI loved this exercise and really enjoyed the drawing. In the past I would never have chosen to draw items that require so much attention to straight lines and ellipses and I know that I’ve done a better job of this than I could have done a few weeks ago. That says to me I’m learning and it’s a good  feeling.

Check and log

Having said all the above there are issues… the most prominent being the lid of the baked beans tin which looks like it might have had a hard time in transit. In  fact I think the circular lines are just a little out, but a little can make a big difference visually.

The mustard pot should be slightly straighter on the sides. The right-hand line on the top of the cereal box should be leaning more to the left and there should be some white space on the right-hand side of the box. The maple syrup bottle is ever so slightly misshapen.

I struggled with the direction of the light which was coming from several sources and I’m glad we’ll be working on that soon.

But overall, I think the shapes, sizes and relationships are reasonably correct and the objects look solid. There is a sense of depth but this could have been improved by darkening further the area at the bottom of the cereal packet.


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