Exercise: Jars and jugs

I got off to a terrible start. My  eye wasn’t tuned in and I confess I had to use a rubber in pictures 1 and 2 because I had so many lines going on I was getting confused. But as I worked, I did find I improved and gained more control and ability to reproduce what I was seeing.


Drawing no 1

Picture 1 After a lot of trial and error, I think the shapes and the spaces around are reasonably accurate. But this is a very poor composition (I think I was trying to make it easier  to draw each item) and I didn’t have enough space to complete the jug. The stopper in the top of the jar was particularly difficult to draw and I’m not convinced that it looks like it fits.


Dfrawing no 2

Picture 2: A better composition this time but it is still falling off the page. I still couldn’t resist using the rubber. The top on the jar looks as if it floating upwards. If I were to try pouring from the jug, we’d have milk all over the floor as the lip doesn’t extend far enough. In fact the closer placed items were easier to draw as the shapes around gave  vital clues to drawing the objects themselves. Of course, a tiny shift of position changes everything and the ellipses can shrink and grow quite dramatically.


Drawing no 3

Picture 3: I finally put down the rubber and went straight in with ink. While there are plenty of flaws (floating lid again, badly drawn circular base to jug) and still a bit of an issue with falling off the page, I’m reasonably happy as I know this is much better than it would have been without the earlier practice.


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