Exercise: Books and boxes


1st attempt – couldn’t fit in the top box!

This was a tough exercise for someone who has avoided drawing any straight lines or precise angles for years.

Interestingly, having photographed these two attempts and put them on my blog I can see more clearly what works and what doesn’t, which says to me that I need to remember to step back from my work instead of ploughing on without a break.


2nd attempt – looking from a different angle.




Things I became aware of as I was working on these include:

  • When you get an angle wrong it throws everything out so it’s no use thinking that you might be able to correct it later. That doesn’t work as the error compounds itself and you find yourself redrawing the whole thing.
  • You can’t draw one box in isolation from those that surround it. The angles in relation to the boxes above and below provide important guides.
  • Perspective… I was trying to remind myself to adjust for perspective but need more practice.

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