Reflecting on mark making and tone

While thinking about different marks, I found myself drawn to the work of printmakers as it helped to give me insight into how  simple marks can be used to great effect.

Ross Loveday,  Kind of Blue, 2012 (drypoint carborundum)

This picture has a  powerful impact on me. It doesn’t feel entirely right to reduce an analysis to  ‘mark making and tone’ alone but perhaps I’ll rectify that later in my learning process. In this image the angular, criss-crossing lines – almost slashes – and the ‘disintegrating’ outlines are emotionally disturbing. This is very evocative image.


John Brunsdon , Shingle Street, Etching, date unknown

shingle-street-brunsdonI’ve bought this as a card three times now because it reminds me vividly of walks with my Dad across the shifting pebbles and sands of Shingle Street on the east coast, with the wind singing in our ears. This is a lovely example for me of how simple lines, shapes and stippling can create different textures, movement and scale. I can feel my calves aching as I look!

Angie Mitchell (PrintFest 2013)

Squiggles, wiggles, dots and dashes – simple, decorative and joyful.


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