Exercise: Line and other marks

multimedia squaresThis was a very enjoyable exercise and it was difficult to know when to stop! Perhaps ‘never’ is the answer because these ‘squares’ will form a useful reference when I’m in need of inspiration , and I can add to them in future.

Using mixed media, e.g. wax crayons with an ink wash, created some intense, vibrant patterns that could be used for fabric, dappled light or peeling paintwork.

multimedia squaresUsing coloured crayons with black over the top and then scraping away with the tip of my bamboo pen, created detailed effects  that could be used for grass, intricate patterns such as tiles or brickwork.

I found I could create a very wide variety of tones and textures with combinations of wax crayon, ink and conti crayons.

My experiments included  making marks holding two pens dipped in different coloured inks at the same time, wetting the paper before and after. Each technique gives a different result – e.g. wavering, frail marks (two pens), strong unpredictable bleed (wet paper).

My favourite of these techniques is the use of ink wash over wax crayon  because of the way the ink resists the wax but soaks into the paper creating very intense patterns.

I was reminded that the white space can contribute as much to the overall effect as the marks themselves.


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